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Every year the Oak Hill Association attempts to reach the 1000+ households within Oak Hill. Each spring, OHA solicts memberships from ~450 households who are currently, or have previously been members, and also solicits new members from newcomers found in the Oak Hill blog, This blog is free; all Oak Hill residents are encouraged to register. We restricted this secure blog to admit only residents who live within the boundary of the Oak Hill Association.

The blog members quickly communicate neighborly news, favorite babysitters, highly prized services/contractors, lost and found, etc. OHA creates and runs Oak Hill events, and uses the current membership list to send frequent updates about current events, neighborhood issues, and Middletown/Holmdel news which affects Oak Hill. 


Contact Information...
Contact information, for event leaders, is available in the "Oak Hill Update" newsletters (indexed on the right of this page), which OHA members receive throughout the year.


Most of us are also in the phone book. You know where we live!

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